SENG 31543


Status : Elective Pre-requisite : SENG 11512, SENG 22593 Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Define mobile computing, and discuss its applications, architectures, current practices and future trends
  • Comprehend and appreciate components of the mobile eco system and interactions among them
  • Evaluate and select suitable mobile computing approaches to solve real world problems considering usability
  • Design and develop mobile applications using industry standard mobile application development environments.

The mobile computing environment, users, applications and limitations; Wireless networking technologies as an enabler for mobile computing; User experience in the mobile context; Mobile devices and platforms; Operator platforms and services, Mobile application development environments; Mobile web; Integrating mobile device capabilities in mobile applications; Privacy and security in mobile applications; Applications of mobile computing, Intersection of mobile and cloud computing.

Lectures, supervised practical sessions, independent practical work (individual and group).

Individual assignments, group assignments, End of course unit examination.

  1. Talukder, A K, Ahmed,H andYavagal,RR (2010).Mobile computing: Technology application and service creation. McGraw-Hill
  2. Fling, B (2009).Mobile Design and Development: Practical concepts and techniques for creating mobile sites and web apps. O'Reilly Media
  3. Additional material provided for the session.