GNCT 32016


Status : Core Pre-requisite : All previous BSc in IT/SE compulsory course modules Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Relate concepts learned in the class to organizational and environmental management
  • Integrate and apply the theory, knowledge, skills and values acquired through their first and second years in areas related to their interests and learning needs
  • Identify the issues in making concepts operational, and acquire skills in resolving these issues  perform a range of work skills developed during the training
  • Employ a range of soft skills
  • Utilize the networks developed to advance their career opportunities.

Development of learning needs and objectives within the framework of industrial training and student expectations, Pre-training orientation: work ethics, professional conduct, Placement organization: history, products, organizational goals, organizational structure, personnel profile, operational policies, values, function and place of organization in the community, Exposure and participation in organizational processes, Identification and analysis of suitable industrial problems.

Exposure to the world of work, active participation in organizational processes, self-study, analysis of industrial problems, interactive group discussions and presentations.

Fortnightly progress reports, final report, oral presentation and feedback from industrial training supervisor.

  1. Department of Industrial Management (2005) Industrial training handbook – B.Sc. in IT.Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelaniya.