SENG 21512


Status : Core Pre-requisite : SENG 11512, SENG 11523 Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the layered architecture of computer systems
  • Describe functionality and working of the major building blocks of computer systems
  • Illustrate the key aspects of operating systems
  • Identify the major components of operating systems
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the concepts, models and approaches involved in design of operating systems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Assemblers and Assembly language.

Processor architectures , instruction set formats, instruction types, addressing, instruction pipelining, memory organization and addressing, types of memory, physical and virtual addressing, caching, bus architectures, interrupt handling, CPU basic and organization, fetch-decode-execute cycle, Assemblers, Assembly programming, I/O architectures, magnetic disk technology, optical disks, magnetic tape, RAID, , RISC machines, parallel and multiprocessor architectures, alternative parallel processing approaches, quantum computing, operating systems, programming tools, power and heat budgets, servers and server farms, hardware and software integration, roles of an operating system – as a virtual machine and a resource manager, multi-programmed and time sharing systems, processes models, processor scheduling, concurrency control, mutual execution, deadlocks and starvation, memory management, file systems, protection mechanisms, fault tolerance, scripting, real time and embedded systems.

Lectures, self-study assignments and group work.

End of course unit examination and continuous assessment.

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