Inauguration of PDG-IT Programme



World dynamisms and subtle developments of information technology have created a fast moving world dominated by the technical humans. To be on par with these expansions, Sri Lanka also has taken many steps to develop the ICT knowledge of learners. Our country has identified that, a creative technical person is an asset to the economic development of the nation. To cater the needs of the nation, the Department of Industrial Management of the University of Kelaniya has been creating brilliant undergraduates with almost 100% employment rate. Extending this excellent service, the Department of Industrial Management of University of Kelaniya, has taken steps to relaunch the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology to enlighten the wisdom of ICT teachers and various professionals who are engaged in the field of ICT.

The inauguration ceremony of the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology was held glamorously on 26 January 2019 at the department, with the presence of Professor Bimali Jayawardena, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya as the Chief Guest. Keynote speaker, Former Senior Lecturer Dr. Julian Nanayakkara presented extremely valuable points on conversion of roles from employed adults to postgraduate learners. The newly joint learners were highly encouraged and inspired, with the participation of former students and their motivational speeches. Presence of the academic and non-academic staff of the Department of Industrial Management, some undergraduates and other invitees added more value to this ceremony. The Postgraduate Diploma in IT program of the 2019 batch will continue for a period of a year in the Department of Industrial Management under the coordination of Dr. Chathura Rajapaksha.

This article has been written by Indika Thilakarathne.