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Ms. Nilani Algiriyage

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  • Big data
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning

  • Web usage mining
  • Databases
  • Python for Data Science

Ms. Nilani Algiriyage obtained her Masters Degree from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa in April 2015. Her Bachelor’s degree was in Management and Information Technology, graduating with a first class honors from University of Kelaniya in 2011. She has also completed up to BCS (British Computer Society) Diploma Level. After finishing her first degree she worked as an IT Business Analyst and she has nearly two years of experience in software industry. She joined LK Domain Registry as a research assistant in 2013. Before she joined the Department of Industrial Management, she had been working as a lecturer in a reputed private university.


Full Papers

  • N. Algiriyage, R. Sampath, C. Pushpakumara and G. Wijayarathna, "A simulation approach for reduced outpatient waiting time," 2014 14th International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer), Colombo, 2014, pp. 128-133.
  • N. Algiriyage, S. Jayasena and G. Dias, "Web user profiling using hierarchical clustering with improved similarity measure," 2015 Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon), Moratuwa, 2015, pp. 295-300.
  • N. Algiriyage, S. Jayasena, G. Dias, A. Perera and K. Dayananda, "Identification and characterization of crawlers through analysis of web logs," 2013 IEEE 8th International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems, Peradeniya, 2013, pp. 150-155.